'If only you could block people in real life'

'If only you could block people in real life'

Sophie is too loud. 

Her posture screams:


but most of the time

she is not at an awards ceremony. 

She leaves trails of superlatives in her wake

'amaaaaaaaaaazing' bounce-echoes around the empty bathroom

as her boots hit the stairs


she is an asset during the part of parties we all want to avoid 

she is the ideal audience volunteer at a magic show

she cries at the theatre and tells you she cried.

In the late late darkest navy part of the night

she makes no fear lists

but she knows some things, just for a second.

She knows about the neon lights outside that are shining without her

the chords of songs struck by musicians who haven't met her

and that nobody is wondering

what Sophie talks about when she talks about Sophie