Already this feels weird. 


I am going to write live ('live') today. I am scared of it. I will edit what I write but everything will be live as in - 

ahhhh this is hard. Right. 

So I was asked to do this and I started thinking about what sort of writing I would do, what I would be writing about... I decided I wanted to explore the way we represent ourselves online. Our online personas. How much do they represent us? What is the relationship between the message we intend to put into the world and the message people get. What we want people to think of us versus what people ACTUALLY think. 

This mint tea is delicious. 

Don't judge me if my spelling is bad.

So... yes. Our online personas. And that. Stuff. I'm going to start now. Over the last week I've collated a bunch of posts - facebook posts and tweets, that I will be adapting into bits of writing. I can't be bothered to explain any further - you get the idea I'm sure. Maybe. I'm having my doubts about whether I get the idea... But

I will post the original tweet/fb post and then I will write in response to it. Here goes.