Ski Boots

Nicky Wrightson wants to know if she should buy some ski boots. (I am now, apparently, a personal shopper and spiritual advisor.)

Fortunately, she is going skiing so this question makes some sense. She is also horrifically accident prone, having spent much of the past year either on crutches, in plaster or in hospital.

So this raises two responses to her predicament.

Firstly, should she be going skiing in the first place? Should a scarecrow go running into a burning building? I can't help feeling that she's asking for trouble, and if she had any sense of self-preservation, she'd be buying herself a pair of slippers instead.

Secondly, if she is going skiing, she should absolutely buy the very strongest, most protective boots she can find. Can you get ski thigh boots? I imagine she'd buy high-heeled ones.

But there is a third issue. It relates to the slippers and the plaster casts and the self-preservation. What if she likes being injured? I've presumed that she doesn't, but that might not be true. She gets treated very well, she stays home from work, and she treats herself to a holiday to get over the recovery period. 

But this time, just make sure it isn't a skiing holiday.