Exercise 2 (by Podium Poet Dizz)

Hello! We have just been set an exercise to respond to a particular poem that we really like. I've chosen after the crash by Alexandra Teague; I haven't read her before but she is really really really good. We could respond to it in terms of structure, or writing the opposite, or picking up certain themes. The italicised bits are parts from her poem. Thanks for reading you lovely 8 people! 

after the crash

honey, I said, we never know 

in time to be afraid. 

I try to pass by mirrors quickly but

each time that other face balloons towards

me, like a carrousel horse who

has left its rounds and 

come for me. 

I read about the nymph Diana

who ran

from her attacker

and pleaded to be turned from

flesh and limb to a green

that still breathed and

could stand solidly. 

I dig up anger, pull it 

like a root from the earth, 

and it still hardens when my

heart beats at traffic lights

and I think of

when those lit eyes came toward


spreading out over everything like

neon angel wings

and there was a face 


in the driver's seat that

in that moment looked

as scared as me. 

And maybe if I could solidify my palm lines

to tree rings, things

would work out differently. 

We never know in time to be afraid. 

I just want to tell you what your

mermaid's singing meant to me.