Two lines from two different poems (by Podium Poet Deanna Rodger)

Hating you unconditionally from the age of six

There you were

Grinning like an oversized 


Born fully grown

Never to know the consequence of your actions


Six or less

Red dress

Extinguished by your bucket of cold water

I screamed that day

The echoes are yet to fall into silence

The dress is yet to dry

The heat is an active volcano in the frozen sky.

The day I saw the back of you,

The black you left on my mother

Your weightless bag

The weakness you showed an innoncent immortal

was a day morning fulfilled its promise

the dawn set that morning

The lie in was in a murdered heart

I've hated you unconditionally from the age of six

I've just remembered I was meant to love you

How loss breeds desperation in it's moulded pits

Another word for father is worry

I have no worry.