Professor Chinua Achebe (by library user Patrick Chike)

Achebe, in the opinion of many lovers of literature still lives with us because his great inspiration endures forever, even though he is dead.

He is rightly held as the father of African literature, and most of the African writers of today drew their inspiration from him.

Like many great innovators, Achebe's works will grew from strength to strength and though he is gone his shadow still follow us everyday.

Just like all great thinkers and teachers; Jesus, Plato, Abraham Lincoln, Newton to mention just a few, Achebe's message will with time have its part in shaping modern African conscience, politics and the conduct of society at large. 

I think all humanity owe a lot of debt to Achebe's sage.

We are lucky to have him in our time.

Bless his soul.

Patrick Chike