Challenge two - remixing Max Wallis' poem 'Ways Not To Fall In Love' (by Podium Poet Deanna Rodger)

How can I remember a person I never felt roll around my mouth like chewing gum in an exam.

there are some names that should never be swallowed in case they stick to your stomach for seven years 

like blue tac left from boy band posters

crushes that fell from their high walls at night. 

Our mouths never spoke directly to each other

mine moved to fast to hold yours as a lullaby

as a familiar hum 

There is a song our feet walked to 

on our days off

when we forgot the structure of life

when the rain stopped for a moment

when our umbrellas were left for the lonely bench sitters

These pockets of hope

were erosions, upheavals of formalities,

they should of never been handled 

hands in back pockets 

cross backs

false unity

Our conversations hurt

Our throats clenched tubes of thought, force fed

like keeping each other alive 

should be power, should be endured.

Thoughtless, we left 

holding our own pockets picking up brollies 

returning to our teenage bedrooms where passive posters 

fall at night, in our dreams.