Coffee and Quiche

Gemma Seltzer (another 'live writer') has made a request - a birthday request for her boyfriend who, for reasons I won't delve into, wants a story about coffee and quiche. It might have to be an essay rather than a story, I'm afraid.

Quiche happens at the wrong time. It's made of eggs and tomatoes and it shouldn't be lunch - it's a breakfast. This, here, now, is the start of the Campaign for Breakfast Quiche.

There is a precedent for this. Frittata is quiche in all but name, a naked quiche without its pastry, but essentially quiche - indeed, it is the essence of quiche. Quiche unclothed. 

So when I open a cafe - which I'm sure can't be far off as I spend most of my days sitting with a mug of coffee and a laptop in one cafe or another - Special No.1 on the menu will not be some derivative fry-up. It will be Naked Quiche.