Holds (by Podium Poet Dizz)

Hello! I'm Dizz - we're doing a workshop with Jacob Sam-La Rose at Deptford lounge, it's been lovely so far, this is an exercise we just got set. We had to include two lines from other poems from the collection here at Deptford lounge. Soooo....here goes. Thanks for reading!

there are different kinds of holds

a dictionary of touch between arms round

waists and head-butts  


when I curl my palm round yours, 

nervous as a stammer, 

and my hand

is small within yours, tiny like

a cast handful of ear bones

but in the taking

I am tall and 

even though I'm scared and these small

touches are just a fraction of a letter 

in the dictionary I mentioned earlier...

it was one I chose. 

Words are like bones we slant

to build bodies beside us - 

and I can be a rock in your palm or

the paper that wraps yours up;

and it may look weak but paper

can beat anything, even cut

with scissor blades

it just multiplies the parts of me so!

Touch, stroke, shake, high-five

cocoon me - until the weekend, now, 

when I have researched and learned

that touch is a million small

bones    words    braveries

watch : 

if I throw them out like

puffs of dust




like snowflakes that

melt in our 

held hands. 

The lines cocoon me until the weekend, and tiny like a cast handful of ear bones were taken from other poems. Bye!