And finally, some bright moment of happiness this dark evening....

What a day our Harriet has had. 

She pulls out a notebook and a pen. Because what kind of person travels without such important items? A list.

1. Move to Rome.

That's all. 

So what can Hazza do that will take her to said city? That ancient place with no skyscrapers or bad pizza topping choices? Well, the quickest way from this pub in west London to Rome, is back up to Kings Cross and then the Eurostar and then a connecting train from Paris. Should she do it? Yes!

No! I say, she should set down her dream and then take the steps one by one to get there.

Take the next step, Harriet. 

And so she shall. Because we are optimistic readers and I am an optimistic writer. Harriet will start to learn Italian in the evenings. She might move near to St Pancras. Then to France; an apartment in the capital with a balcony and a kitchen filled with fresh herbs and - because why now - garlic. She will start walking far. Long walks, with maps and compasses. One compass, otherwise it might get confusing. One day she might walk very far, too far to go back home and just far enough to keep on walking.

Then she'll just need to advance some more, and head to Rome.

The problem with travel, thinks both this writer and Harriet, particularly high speed trains and flights, is it makes moving forward seem so easy. And then you might forget the importance of the journey.

Good luck Harriet Bardot!

Farewell readers. :)