Hello and Welcome

Welcome dear friends!

Enjoy the advert, and then I will begin my tales.

I'm sitting in a nice cafe in Shoreditch, typing away. 

From this morning, I'll be journeying across London, writing some stories, talking to people, asking you to request things for me to do.

I've already accosted a few strangers.

Overheard some choice lines (said proudly: "I bought a travelcard. For ALL six zones. That's in and inbetween all of London.").

Had tea. Had a coffee. Watched a video of myself. It's all good.

This really is every keystroke. Sorry in advance for typos and misspellings. Miszpelngs.

You can contact me through the website. Or on Twitter @gemseltz.

Testing, testing. Is anyone watching? Listening? Send me a request for a story, or a task I can do, which I'll then incorporate into a story.

Thanks! And enjoy.