The four rabbits (for Celeste)

The first thing to say, the most important thing to say is that Rose, Rabby, Nibbles and Snowflake were good rabbits. REALLY GOOD RABBITS.

It was just that today, they were a tiny little bit bored. Everyone had gone out for tea and cake and hot chocolate and book buying, and they were left at home, alone. It was getting dark, raindrops were tapping at the windows, and the house was very very quiet.

We could go for a walk, Rose said.

Boring! the other three said.

We could make fancy dress costumes, Rabby said. 

Boring! the other three said.

We could bake a five tier meringue cake with whipped cream and strawberries, said Nibbles.

Yuk! the other three said.

 Or.... said Snowflake, and twitched her pink nose... we could .... go to Kew Gardens!

Rose nodded, and Rabby nodded, and Nibbles nodded and Snowflake grinned, and the four rabbits hopped out of Celeste's bedroom, down the stairs, and out of the front door.

They had to get two buses to Kew Gardens. The driver let them sit on the back window sill and the four rabbits pressed their noses to the glass and drank in everything they could see.

Kew Gardens was beautiful. It was enormous. It was full of the prettiest, most colourful, most delicious flowers the rabbits had ever seen. 

'Don't,' said Rose to Nibbles.

'But....' said Nibbles.

'No,' said Rabby.

Nibbles stuck out his bottom lip and followed the others.   

First they walked under the trees. Then they went to the Japanese gardens. Then they slipped into the palm house which was as warm and toasty as Celeste's bedroom. There were even fish, red fish and blue fish and yellow fish darting about in the clear water. Everything was going perfectly. Swimmingly. Until Nibbles found the vegetable patch.

Nibbles! shouted the other three, but it was too late.

'' Nibbles said, half way through a sweet orange carrot . He chewed, and munched and swallowed. 'Delicious!'

'Snowflake, tell him.' Rabby turned to Snowflake, but she was busy standing on her back feet to reach a bright green head of broccoli.

Rabby looked at Rose. Both of them shrugged, and then Rabby saw a fat red pepper, and then Rose dug up a gorgeous beetroot.

'Scrumptious,' said Rabby.

'Yummy,' said Rose.

'Tasty,' said Snowflake.

'Watch out,' said Nibbles.

The four rabbits turned at the same time and saw an angry looking woman walking quickly towards him.

'Is she a zombie?' asked Rabby.

Nibbles shook his head. 'Worse, she's a gardener! This way!'

The rabbits scattered and ran. They ran out of the gardens and back to the bus stop. Onto the first bus, onto the second bus. Back through the front door, up the stairs (making sure they wiped their grubby paws first), and back into Celeste's bedroom. And when Celeste got back home from drinking hot chocolate and eating cake and buying books, she looked at the four rabbits, sitting on her bed lookinglike butter wouldn't melt in their mouths and she thought, hmmm, I wonder.....