You Have Been Warned

'You Have Been Warned,' he said, 'only The Lucky Ones live in Dream Cities, only the Loaded.' 

'Well, it's About Time us Beautiful Losers got a chance. ' 

'Not This Side Of Paradise, love.' He shook his head. 'You've been Deceived With Kindness, it's not your fault.' 

'The Whole Day Through I think about that Drifting House. '

'All The Buildings In New York are drifting, love.' 

'It was a Sweet Thursday. We'd Just Bought A Cow At The Pannier Market In Tavistock (it was his idea, not mine). And then we did The Trip To Echo Spring. And there it was, a Drifting House. There was A Gate At The Stairs - don't look at me like that, I'm not making it up.'

'Yeah, yeah, and there were Unicorns Riding The Rainbow. '

'It felt like A Place To Live.'

'You mean it was Where The Wild Things Are.' This Is How You Lose Her - he should know that by now. He shouldn't Peck, Peck, Peck. She had her own Private History Of Happiness. 'You Can Beat Your Brain,' he said. He couldn't stop himself. He needed to learn about Winning Without Losing, he needed to learn to Be Good.

'Nothing Holds Back The Night,' she said. 'Not even Man's Search For Meaning. In my opinion you need to Colour Your Life; if you don't it's just you, The Twits, Big Mean Mike, and Bob The Bursting Bear. You lot Measuring Time, and as much as you Huff and Puff, it's not going to help.' She needed less Inconvenient People in her life, she could see that now. 'Careful,' she said. 'Or I'll be The Girl You Let BehindYou Have Been Warned,' she said.