Linda has asked me to write about the power of the mind to heal the body. This is actually a bit of a specialist subject for me - at the moment, I'm looking into the scientifically proven healing properties of meditation (google 'telemeres' - I wish I had more time to write about it fully).

Most of the ravages that our bodies endure are due to our minds. We put ourselves in harm's way. We (di)stress ourselves. Our minds play havoc with sleep patterns, blood pressure, diet, physical exercise - or lack of it - and if we could only change our minds, we could change our bodies. 

Body and mind are partners. One can change the other. Mens sana... but the mind, ultimately, is the more flexible member of the relationship. Stress can disappear with  change of attitude. Happiness can be a decision, and that can bring health with it.

As for love... that can be a life-saver. If only it were as easy as a decision. Love is luck and location and timing. It can't be guaranteed and can't be found by looking. And it can be just as deadly as hate or heart attacks if encountered at the wrong place, in the wrong time, with the wrong person. But who wants a life without love? It's worth the risk. Like chocolate.