A new request: to write about 'death and car crash culture'.

Even typing the word crash makes me nervous when I'm working with such a tangle of electronics, wires and web development. This site could fail at any moment and the watching audience here - which is unnervingly large - could either mutiny or delight in my failure. A public accident. Humiliation. Everybody loves a disaster.

And now they bring me a beer. Generous, but perhaps an attempt to make me skid a little further, type a little more recklessly. I have a tall desk to fall from.

So everyone loves a disaster - unless they're involved. Shadenfreude. Joy in pain. At least I know that, if all else fails, that failure will be an entertainment in itself.

I'm not above a bit of revelling in disaster myself, though. The Hollywood disaster movie is a burgeoning genre. Every game is dystopian. Storytellers seem convinced that the future is bleak, and for some reason we all flock to watch their miserable visions.

But I'm here to tell you they're wrong. Death, yes, does lie ahead for us all, and I'm not promising you Heaven, but I am promising you life. Every day, between now and your death, you will be alive. Celebrate it. Live it. Enjoy your every given moment. Ignore the impulse to wallow in others' discomfort - feel the glow of the sun and smiles of your friends. Success. Long drives. A road trip to your final destination.