For Marguerite

I don't know how literally to take this next piece of inspiration: "For Marguerite, who liked the idea so much she came down to check it out 'in the flesh'... Yorick."


Yorick is an enduring dramatic enigma. Hamlet may have known him, but we didn't. A man of infinite jest maybe, but we've only got his word for it. Long dead, he returns from the grave for this immortal cameo appearance and gets a marvellous review from a biased acquaintance. Would that we were all so lucky.

Having said that, Yorick was resting peacefully before these Danish youths dug him up. He was, if the reports are to be believed, enjoying a well deserved afterlife somewhere much more pleasant than a dank graveyard. Something dragged him back. I like to think that it wasn't a gravedigger's shovel that brought him back, but the smell of the greasepaint: he had the chance to be famous. The play's the thing, and for Yorick, just maybe, he liked the idea so much he came down to check it out 'in the flesh' (or bone, at least). Showbusiness can be so tempting.