The Live Writing Series is devised and produced by Gemma Seltzer and David Varela. Both share an enthusiasm for writing in public and thought others might enjoy the same thrill.

Some writers might consider writing live as their worst nightmare. Authors have a reputation for being an insular lot and the creative process is typically portrayed as a solitary person sitting in isolation.

But that’s changing. Writing is just as often a collaborative process and, with the advent of social media, writers and readers are coming closer together.

We’re using technology developed by Alex Heeton and Riccardo Cambiassi to show every keystroke of each writer, as it happens, live online and in public. We’re putting poets, scriptwriters and novelists in busy venues where they’ll come face to face with the people they’re writing for and about.

We’re championing live writing as an artform, and we’re delighted to have the Deptford Lounge, Jewish Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Roundhouse, Southbank Centre along with Woolfson & Tay opening their doors to one courageous writer. The project is funded by National Lottery and supported by Arts Council England.

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Jewish museum
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