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What happens when you take the process of writing and turn it into a performance? When writers react, compose and immerse themselves in public places, bringing it alive with the real-time broadcast of their work for all to see?

We’re about to find out.

It’s literature. It’s improv. It’s the Live Writing Series.

The Live Writing Series 2013 is now complete. Browse the website to read more about the project and to enjoy the excellent writing produced

Selection of the Week

By Gemma Seltzer

This piece was prompted by a Tweet from @9libraries, who asked me to tell someone something important. In the end, I didn’t, but my wayward character Harriet did. The italics below represent requests from online audiences, lines from members of the public, and moments observed...

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Interview with a writer

Daljit Nagra spent a day writing in the Clore Ballroom area of the Royal Festival Hall at the Sounthbank Centre, bringing poetry to a very busy space in Europe’s largest centre for theatre and the performing arts. We asked him how he found the whole experience.

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